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 さて、この特異性を十分に備えた福生市は、どこの町にも出来ない、魅力溢れる、異国情緒いっぱいの、憧れの町“福生市”を目指してもいます。福生市の「市民プラン」に目標設定がされている“だれもが英語をはなせるまちづくり”を“リトルアメリカ 福生―アメリカを福生で体験しよう”とういアイデアで実現できないでしょうか。


 文化交流倶楽部「ふっさRoute16」は異なった文化の交流を目的とします。16号線(Route 16)を走るとわかりますが、基地と福生市に立ちはだかるフェンスがあります。実はこのフェンスは福生市に対しての壁でもなければ、日本に対する壁でもないのです。福生と横田基地の本当の壁はなんでしょうか? それは、ほんの少しの「勇気」と「きっかけ」なのではないでしょうか。日本の文化を知りたいアメリカ人とアメリカ文化や英会話を学びたい日本人の融合の場、文化交流倶楽部「ふっさRoute16」で、英会話、サークルイベント等で楽しい交流の時間、そして、たくさんの「きっかけ」を見つけませんか。

  What kind of relationship does the City of Fussa and Yokota AB have? Unfortunately it can be very complicated because of noise problems, cultural differences, and so on. Americans and Japanese from both sides of the fence surrounding Yokota AB have been struggling with the Japan-US Security Treaty and the U.S-Japan Status of Forces Agreement for more than 60 years since WWII.

  On the other hand, it is also true that many Japanese have a totally different view of Fussa, even though they know that Fussa has issues with Yokota AB. They look at Fussa as a very unique town where you can experience real American atmosphere in Japan. Many Japanese people long to live in Fussa, and some seize their dreams and move there. The large number of visitors to the Yokota AB Friendship Festival proves that many Japanese have a great appreciation and fascination for Fussa.

  The City of Fussa has a goal to become recognized as a place full of fascinating, exotic atmosphere, and a culture unlike anything else in Japan. In order to facilitate this, the idea of
"Make Fussa a city where everyone can speak English!" has been introduced as one of the objectives from the Fussa "Citizen Plan". With these ideas, along with "Little America Fussa-Let's experience America in Fussa!" we hope to make Fussa an even more attractive city to the world.

  It is true that military personnel on Yokota AB have a lot of interest in Japan. It is also an amazing opportunity for their families to have Japanese experiences. The people on Yokota AB are many things- adults, children, military and non-military, but they are Americans first. Fussa is an ideal town for them too, because of the considerable Japanese experiences waiting for them, just outside the gate.

  The Cultural-Exchanges Club's “Fussa Route 16” will offer the chance to experience these two different cultures. When you drive on Route 16, you’ll see the fence that stands between Fussa and Yokota AB. What is the real fence or barrier that stands between Fussa and Yokota AB? If people had an opportunity to jump into the each other's culture, it would be much easier to bridge the gap between us. Cultural-Exchanges Club's “Fussa Route 16” will give a place for Americans who want to know more about Japanese culture, as well as Japanese who want to learn more about American culture and English. Why don’t you come and have a lot of fun with us!!
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